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Demon Dream - Dead Gaze / Gray Things - Split (Cassette)


  1. Jul 29,  · The dream ended when the demon hunters tried to do a Satanic ritual in my yard to try and capture a demon. And weird stuff began to happen. The wind blew, and we felt things crawling on our skin, and the items we had (two buckeyes and two chunks of wood with a cross and a devil's head on it) started glowing.
  2. Dec 02,  · Rain beat down on the roof of the Trancy manor, two figures standing in front of the door. On was a man, who's figure was covered in a black trench coat, and top hat. The other was a woman with a dark grey cloak, the hood obscuring her face. The man carried a large suitcase, while the woman held a lantern. They shared a glance, before the man knocked on the door.

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