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Hobbs With Angelbreath - Laserguys - You Believe These Laserguys? (Cassette, Album)


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  2. Ostensibly the solo project of singer and guitarist Peter Hobbs (ex-Tyrus), Hobbs' Angel of Death was one of Australia's first extreme metal bands (founded in ), working up a few much-talked-about demos before making their recorded debut with an eponymous album in Recorded in Berlin and released by Germany's Steamhammer label, the album still rates as one of the great cult metal.
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  6. Oct 10,  · The result is Hobbs’ Angel of Death – ostensibly one of the first bands from Down Under to play what we now know as classic thrash metal. Through their self-titled debut and ’s Inheritance, the group proclaimed their love for Dark Angel and (of course) Slayer with their vulgar, working-man take on thrash that apparently garnered.
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  8. Hobbs with Angelbreath (loading lyrics) Hard as a Stock There are no reviews for You Believe These Laserguys? yet. You can write one. The unreleased second album released as a pro-printed cassette. Recording information: Recorded / Added by: Lord_Kramdar: Modified by: Murmur_ Added on:

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